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Chapter 1

The businessman: trader or investor
The businessman is either an investor who will invest his money or a merchant who owns merchandise.

  • Investors: you invest in business plans with online sales experts, you get your initial investment back plus a profit.
  • Merchant: you own merchandise, you want to sell much more, for this there is a team dedicated to the distribution through the Marketplaces.

NB: for investors, you necessarily get back your initial investment plus a profit.


Chapter 3

Recovery of initial investment and profits
The business plans are detailed in the platform in the form of a sales track that allows you to see sales and profits transparently.

  • The business plans are detailed in the platform in the form of a sales track that allows you to see sales and profits transparently.

  • Investors: once your money is invested the buying and reselling can start through the platform, you can see in real time all sales and profits made.

  • Merchant: You can see the sale of your goods in real time on the dashboard. The goal is to distribute in different sales channels, and to earn maximum profit.

NB: through the dashboard, you have all the business plans set up by the expert as well as the identifiers of the Marketplace where your products are placed.


Chapter 2

The business plan and its course
Each business plan is suggested by a certified and verified expert, the project holder is a professional specialised in sales, he owns a professional account with very good results and positive customer feedback.


  • Investors: you invest in winning products, because our experts know what works and what does not in the marketplace thanks to tools such as Jungle Scout or Helium 10, etc.
  • Merchant: our experts sell the goods you own and advise you on which products work best to increase your turnover.

NB: Our experts are specialised in sales, they know exactly which products work well, thanks to research techniques and analysis tools.

Chapter 4

the benefits of working with us // Why you should work with us
Online sales require a lot of skills, such as researching winning products, mastering different software to which we can add the cost of subscriptions to MarketPlace and analysis tools. With Soveur, everything is centralised and shared.

  • Time saving: Working in a team allows you to distribute certain tasks and move forward more quickly. Selling in different channels allows for a greater throughput of products sold.
  • Money saving: Group investment reduces the price of the product per piece, e.g. 1000 units bought in bulk will be cheaper than 10 units. Subscriptions for certain tools can be shared across the platform, e.g. one subscription for a team of six people using the same licence.

NB: Basically there are only advantages to sharing subscriptions and investments, which makes it easier to earn money.
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SOVEUR’s options

  • Creation and invitation on business plans
  • Management of business plans with a team
  • Investment and sales on Marketplaces
  • Recovery of initial investment and profits
  • E-wallet system
  • Payment via Stripe, Paypal, WU, or bank transfer

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